"When We Were Astronauts and other stories...."

FOR £10.00 inc P&P





Saturday 2nd Feb
The Old Pear Tree Wigan
Sunday 7th April
The Bailiff Bar, Old Courts, Wigan Time TBC

Friday 10th May Hebden Bridge Folk Festival
The Shoulder of Mutton  8pm

Saturday 11th May Hebden Bridge Folk Festival
The Railway Hotel 7.30pm

Saturday 25th May Millstone Music Festival, Golborne


The Coffee Stop - Leigh

Sunday 1st September
Fleetwood Folk and Blues Festival

2 spots : Venue TBA

Saturday 7th September
Wigan Diggers Festival Main Stage Time TBC

Leigh Canal Festival, Leigh Miners RLFC Time TBC



2018 (Recording new album Mainly)

Friday 11th May
Private party, Chorley

Sat 12th May
Hebden Bridge Folk Roots Festival
6pm @ Ramble and Rose
9pm @ Chapter 17


Hinds Head festival
Friday 8th June
Coppull Folk Festival. (starts 6pm)

Thu 21st June
Wigan Old Courts Grand Vault
Simply Dylan7.30pm

July 15th
Acoustic Sessions Wigan Old Courts (Court Room) Time TBA

Saturday August 18th
Wigan Live Festival
Wigan Central 7.00pm
Saturday August 25th
Liverpool Folk OnThe Dock Festival
Stanley Ambrose Stage 5.20pm
Sunday August 26th
Liverpool Folk OnThe Dock Festival
Stanley Ambrose Stage 2.00pm

Saturday 15th September
Leigh Canal Festival
Leigh Miners RLFC 9pm

Friday October 12th
Chapter 17, Hebden Bridge 7pm

Thursday 8th November
Leigh Coffee Shop Events Room 7pm
Friday 30th November
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Old Town House Warrington 7pm

Saturday 28th October
Merry Helloween (Merry Hell and Vision Thing), The Citadel St. Helens. 7.30pm

Thursday 9th November
The Coffee Shop, Leigh,

Acoustic Lounge Poynton time & adm tbc
EARLIER in 2017========================
Sat 28 Jan
Turnpike Centre, Leigh supporting Merry Hell acoustic (SOLD OUT)
Sun 19 Feb
Dochertys, Wigan (afternoon session)
Lesfest - evening (Bellingham Hotel, Wigan)
Thu 4th May
KettleWorld Studios Recording New EP
Sat 20th May
Red Triangle cafe, Burnley
Sun 4th June
Coppull Folk Festival
Tue 20th June
Made in Liverpool TV Session Recording
Wed 12th July
Narrowboat TV Session Recording

Sat 26th Aug
Old Town House, Warrington
Momentum Warrington Rock for Corbyn event
Stage time 3pm

Tameside Festival, Manchester  8pm
Mon August 28 (Bank hol)
Retro Bar Bury 4pm (Glaston Bury)

Sat 2nd September 
Parbold Street Festival 
From 12 noon 
2 sets 20 mins each 

Sat 9th September 
Wigan Diggers festival time tbc

Saturday 7th October
The Old Courts Folk Festival, Wigan (Headline Slot) 8pm





"Vision Thing are a five-piece hailing from the North West who produce the most incredibly harmonious and beautiful music, simultaneously lowering the heartbeat yet stimulating lyrically." - LIVE review by Ian Cripps @ FATEA Magazine on 28/01/2017

"Vision Thing are a brilliant band! They opened up our last Wigan Diggers Festival - created a beautiful, relaxed, atmosphere that got the day off to a great start."
-Bob Kettle : Merry Hell & Diggers Music Festival Organiser

"These experienced musicians have produced a very respectable repertoire of songs that shout (sorry whisper) mellow, stylish (I love the use of guitar and violin) and exhilarating from start to finish - ideal listening after a stressful day."

- 如何去国外网站

"The album (Lights) as a whole is a wonderful offering that takes the listener in a melodic haunting and at times emotional journey. So get yourself a copy put it in your CD player and take this enjoyable and thought provoking trip believe me you will not regret it."
- Andy Chamberlain - FATEA Magazine



VT in the Wigan Observer
VT in the Wigan Observer

Apr 17, 2024 by Administrator

Folking.com Rising Stars 2024
Folking.com Rising Stars 2024

Apr 5, 2024 by Administrator

'Well chuffed' doesn't really...

Nominated for Rising Star act by Folking.com
Nominated for Rising Star act by Folking.com

Mar 29, 2024 by Administrator

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Album review in Folk NorthWest


Well we are more chuffed than a chough on a...

BBC Radio Play
BBC Radio Play


We have been getting some radio play on Johnny...


Oct 19, 2018 by Administrator

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Our New Album has the FATEA review.
Our New Album has the FATEA review.

Sep 1, 2018 by Administrator


New Album Official release 1st September 2018
New Album Official release 1st September 2018

Aug 11, 2018 by Administrator

Great news! We now have physical CD copies of...

New Video release - Silver Darlings
New Video release - Silver Darlings


The Coffee Shop Thu Nov 9th Leigh

Oct 30, 2017 by Administrator

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